Tiling The Way to The New Mirabel House

Subway Tiles custom printedReaders of our blog will already know that Jennoli Art believes in the power that tile art offers when fundraising for great causes, whether it’s for your local sports club, community centre or your favourite charity. This week, we’d like to share with you a special project that we have become involved in, one that encapsulates what we are most passionate about – fabulous tile design and a united spirit that aims to help people who are experiencing hard times.

The Mirabel House project is a unique venture that Jennoli is proud to be a part of. Renowned designers and architects from throughout Australia are getting together to raise funds to build a new headquarters for the Mirabel Foundation, an organisation that aims to assist and care for orphaned children who have been abandoned by their parents due to drug use. The new Mirabel House will act as an all-in-one hub where effected children and their carers can visit in order to receive care, education and support.

designer tiles

This years project is using the spectacular creative visions of six talented designers – Brandan Wong, Anna Spiro, Diane Bergeron, Greg Natale, Thomas Hamel and Brett Mickans – to raise the money needed to build this important place of care and refuge. To do this, each designer will be creating one beautiful custom tile (pictured on this page), the money from each fundraising event will go towards finishing The Mirabel House Project. Jennoli Art are excited and honoured to be the supplier of these tiles, custom printing each option to ensure that every supporter of the cause receives the most beautiful design results while also helping an incredible cause.

These unique tiles area shining example of how custom tile art can truly come to life when passion and individuality are combined with a flair for design. As a company that specialises in a range of unique and personalised custom options, we are excited to be a part of such a great way to fundraise for a special cause.

If you would like to find out more about The Mirabel House Project, click here.