Tile Project for home renovations- Dare to be different

White tiles and checkerboard patterns would have been on trend ten years ago, but the plain old ‘safe’ bet is not in style anymore. Interior designers are advocating more and more for the use of a classy splash of colour on the tile project to brighten up an otherwise dreary living space.

Do you want your kitchen to stand out from the rest, why not use your tiles to display art?

Kitchen tile project

Create a wow factor on your splashback tiles

Envision a splash of colour: a feature splashback of graffiti tiles or your favourite image on a tile mural. Couple your new vibrant tile splashback with sleek monotone cabinetry and your living space will pop!

The tiles will catch everyone’s attention. Your design will not only be uniquely YOU but also a great talking point for your guests who will love that your kitchen or bathroom is different from the rest!cool bathroom tiles

At JennoliArt we are able to suit your ideas and our limitations are literally your imagination.

unique custom tile muralLove the ocean? Why not install an underwater mural in your bathroom?
Looking for something a little more street style or industrial? Graffiti scenes or a city scape will provide a sleek backdrop. Want to see more of streetart tile project? Click here

A point of difference is what will make you a trend setter rather than sticking to an out-dated safe choice that everybody else already has. The beauty about choosing and designing a tile installation with JennoliArt is that nobody will ever have the same – because it is completely your own ideas, brought to life by JennoliArt’s professional printing and design team.

Have you ever walked into a tile shop and wished that they had the exact design that you had imagined?

Here is your chance to make those ideas a reality!streetart tile project for kitchen

Printed tiles will display top-quality resolution and colour, are fade resistant and water resistant.