Make Your Shopfront Stand Out

When it comes to generating business for your café or retail space, there’s no denying the impact that eye-catching décor can have on potential customers. Let’s face it- you could offer the greatest coffee Australia has ever known or the most unique clothing designs in town, but if you let your shopfront fade into the background, many people won’t notice you’re even there. This is why it’s imperative to add a little personality to your retail space- it gives everyone who sees your store an insight into what you’re offering, setting you apart from the rest.

Kitchen splashback tiles

Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or a vibrant, attention grabbing design for your shopfront, Jennoli Art has an option to suit your style. With the ability to transfer customised pictures, paintings, sketches and patterns to sleek ceramic or glass tiles, any interior style or theme is easily catered for. Restaurants, cafés and other hospitality spaces no longer have to settle for boring tiles simply because it’s the most practical option- as Australia’s first company offering items of this kind, your customers can admire beautifully crafted, intricately designed features that match the personality of your business while still offering the convenience of being easily cleaned and maintained.

ceramic graffiti tiles for bar


Take control of the attention that others give your business; don’t allow it to blend in with the typical, plain designs you see on every other store along the street.  Line the walls of your traditional Australian café with tiled photographs of picturesque native forests and bushland. Or perhaps your urban-style clothing designs would match perfectly with an edgy array of graffiti art options that draw the attention of everyone passing by. Jennoli even offers simple styles that offer a touch of unique flair to your space. No matter what you choose, these design selections put you ahead of the curve and offer incredible opportunities for business owners to truly distinguish their shop from the rest.

photo tiles mural

stunning black and white image for this feature wall